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How Can Jala Neti Technique Treat Your Asthma
Daily life for those suffering of asthma is certainly very difficult form that of a healthy person. They have to constantly carry their medicine with them so that they always have them at hand, they must limit their physical activities for fear of not being struck by another asthma attack and must be constantly live with that insecurity feeling in their hearts.

For these persons, being able to breathe normally and walk on the street without the risk of having an attack is like a pleasant dream. Yet, this dream can come true by using a simple method which can clean your nose of all the bacteria, dust and impurities which clog your nostrils. The Jala Neti technique, because this is the technique I was talking about, is a relatively simple method which gives asthmatics the opportunity to breathe normally again.

It may seem a difficult method to perform at the beginning, but once you do it once or twice, you will start getting used with it and will perform effortlessly after a period of time. For successfully completing this technique, you will have to purchase a special Neti pot, which can be found in the health shops, water and salt. What you will have to do is warm the water a little bit, so that it has the same temperature as your body, mix the water with salt and then, using the Neti pot, you will introduce it in one of your nostrils, keeping the head so that the water can pass from one nostril to another. Thus, the water will be eliminated on the other nostril, thus cleaning all the dirt from inside your nose. As I mentioned previously, it may seem a little bit difficult at a first view, but putting it in practice is in fact easier that you may think.

In order to be effective, this technique must be done at least two times a day, once when you get up, so that your nose is clean and you will be able to breathe normally all day long; and once before going to bed, so that you will be able to enjoy a good night sleep.

This technique is not only very good in cleaning and moisturizing the nose, but it is also very safe, so that you will not have to worry about side effects. Prevented that salty water does not get in the wrong direction, you will not feel any discomfort or pain.

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