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Keep Pollen Away If You Suffer from Asthma
Pollen is one of the most powerful allergens. It is well known that most of the times when asthmatic people come in contact with pollen they suffer from asthma attacks. This is why, it is necessary to avoid, as much as possible any exposure to this substance. There are some safety measures which can be taken in order to be protected against the damaging effects pollen can have upon asthmatics.

The first thing which must be done if you suffer from asthma is to avoid the outdoor activities in the morning and during the evenings when the concentration of pollen from the air is at its highest peak. Avoid running and delay any hard work that you have to do outside until noon, when the concentration of pollen is significantly lower. If you must get out of the house in the morning or evening, wear a dust or pollen mask which will filter the air you breathe.

In addition to that, use an air purifier or install a filter inside your air conditioning, at least during spring and summer, when the quantity of pollen is bigger. This will prevent the pollen to get inside your house, thus keeping the air clean and breathable, which will decrease the risk of an asthma attack.

If you are getting out of the house during the periods of the day when the concentration of pollen from the air is higher, wash your hair before you go to bed. Particles of pollen cling to your hair and if you do not wash it in the evening, the pollen will get on your pillow, from which you will most probably inhale it. Thus, if you want to avoid the unpleasant effects of such a happening make sure you wash your hair. As an extra safety measure, also wash your clothes the same day, so that the particles of pollen will not stay too much inside your house.

Last, but not least, give up your habit of hanging your clothes to dry in the open air. They may have a fresher smell, but the particles of pollen get inside the fabric much easier, which will ultimately lead to you inhaling them and possibly experiencing an asthma attack. Use a cloth dryer instead. It is much safer for asthma sufferers.

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