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What Is the Connection Between Proper Nutrition and Asthma
Even though asthma is not associated with one certain diet and theoretically there are no restrictions to the foods and drinks you can ingest, nutrition plays a high important part in asthma evolution, just as it influences any other chronic diseases.

A proper nutrition will not only have a positive effect upon your aspect, but it will also diminish the asthma attacks if you are an asthmatic. This is mainly due to the fact that proper diets, which include fresh fruits and vegetables and foods which contain high amounts of Omega 3, keep the body in good function and make the lungs work perfectly in any conditions. Thus, the breathing problems will be significantly reduced and the asthmatic will be able to breathe normally or at least have longer periods in which it does not have to use the inhaler.

In contrast, people eating foods which have a high concentration of Omega 6, like margarine or processed foods, have higher risks of developing serious and more often asthma attacks as trans fats have a negative effect upon the entire body, thus on the way your lungs function, too.

Another aspect related to nutrition and diet is the number of calories you ingest versus the number of calories you burn. In most of the cases, people eat more calories than they burn, which results in deposits of fat and later on to extra pounds and obesity. Studies have shown that the risk of developing asthma is much bigger for obese people than for people who have a normal weight. Thus, if you tend to have extra-large meals, which are rich in calories, you should put an end to them and start eating low calorie foods that will not create deposits of fat on your body.

It is well known that obesity increases the blood pressure and causes cardiac problems, which in turn may affect the development of asthma. In fact, it is proven that people who are overweight need to take more medicine in order to cope with asthma and their capability of strenuous work is significantly reduced compared to an asthmatic who has a normal weight.

Taking all the above mentioned facts into consideration, if you want to keep your asthma under control it is absolutely necessary to change your diet and choose healthy foods instead of fatty foods. Not only will you look great, but your asthma attacks will be significantly reduced.

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